Adam's Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio where I present some of the projects I have worked on. This website is created by me and its purpose is to showcase my skills as a systems scientist. The projects are created by me and each project has a demo video that shows its function. Of course, you can easily access the code for each project by simply clicking on the links for the respective project.

About Me

I study at Stockholm University in the program Digital Media through the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. One of my main interests in computer and systems science is to develop efficient and smart applications/systems. By creating this website, I can easily and smoothly showcase my knowledge and skills in programming.

My Skills

With a strong background in computer and systems science from my academic studies and personal initiatives, I have developed in-depth skills in Java and web development, as well as strong competence in both desktop and mobile applications. My experience includes version control and collaboration through tools like GitHub, creating dynamic websites, advanced Java programming, and optimizing the user experience for mobile devices. I also have good experience in testing and debugging code.

My Projects:


Pathfinder is a Java project whose purpose is to allow the user to find the shortest path between different cities. The application uses Dijkstra's algorithm to ensure that the shortest path between two cities can always be found. All graphical components are created with JavaFX in my VS Code IDE.

Link to Code

Local File Search Engine

This project is a very simple search engine that searches files on the local hard drive. The purpose of the search engine is to be able to find the largest file in a specific folder. When the user clicks search, the webpage goes through all files in all folders and shows the largest file with its information. The code consists mostly of PHP and JavaScript.

Link to Code

Internet Search Engine

This project is a simple web scraper that scrapes websites for information. The backend consists mostly of PHP and JavaScript. The webpage takes in a link to a website and the word/text that the user wants to search for. The webpage returns the text if it is found and in which paragraph/section the text occurs.

Link to Code

User Registration

This project is a simple website that manages new users. The backend consists mostly of Python and a bit of JavaScript. The user can enter their name, email, and a password and register this. The user is registered in a simple database. The website always checks if a user is already registered or not.

Link to Code